About Us

Our Story

Our story begins in 1977, when Eliyahu Bashari established a small diamond manufacturing company in Israel. For the next ten years Eliyahu’s business, remained a small but successful endeavor, focused on a high quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction. In 1987 Eliyahu became a member of the Israel Diamond Bursa and began to focus on expanding the business to international diamond markets.

In 2002 Asteria Diamonds opened our first office in Shanghai, China, in the hopes of discovering new markets with unique stones and business opportunities to offer our growing clientele. This decisive move was meant to provide true lovers of colored diamonds with a larger selection of rare, specialty diamonds that they could find nowhere else. What was to follow was a rapid expansion, first in China and then to countries all over the world, and finally to our website.

Over the years Asteria Diamonds has become a leading supplier of fancy colored diamonds, but we always stand by our original principles of offering incomparable quality and services to our customers.

Global Presence

Today Asteria Diamonds has offices all over the world, including five in China and others in Hong Kong, England, Dubai, France, India and The United States. Asteria employs close to 70 experts, all in search of the best products at the best prices to satisfy our international clientele. We focus on discovering new up and coming markets to be the first to offer new stones and trends for the absolute best value. With an ever growing global presence, Asteria is able to supply the finest diamonds and jewelry to companies worldwide.

Our Commitment to our Customers

Asteria Diamonds puts a large emphasis on individualized service for each and every customer. Our employees meet with clients all over the world on a daily basis in order to allow them to see our products first hand, advise them on their purchase and help with any problems. We want our customers to be satisfied with every aspect of their shopping experience.

At Asteria Diamonds we work every day to make our entire stock list accessible and easy to use for companies and individual customers alike. Our website boasts a large inventory spanning all different sizes, cuts, qualities and colors of fancy diamonds, in order to offer our customers variation, selection and exclusive diamond purchasing opportunities.

Our Team

Each and every employee at Asteria Diamonds has been extensively trained and specializes in fancy colored diamond purchasing, sales and investment. We seek out experts who know how to recognize a diamond’s worth, for its qualities and its price. Our consultants are always available by phone, email or in person to help you with every step of the shopping process. Asteria Diamonds also contracts highly skilled jewelers, who help our customers design custom jewelry according to their exact specifications.

Feel free to contact any of our consultants for one on one support at any time.

Eliyahu Bashari, founder and owner of Asteria Diamonds

investment grade diamonds for sale

Asteria Diamonds show room.

Aviad Bashari, CEO of Asteria Diamonds