Diamonds as an investment: Pre and Post Sale Services

Diamonds as an investment: Pre Sale Services

Diamond as an Investment Training

If you are interested in diamonds as an investment opportunity, we at Asteria want you to be well informed before making your purchase. On this site we have made a wealth of educational material available to you so that you can learn on your own and make independent decisions.

Asteria Diamond investment services are unique and beneficial services that we offer our customers. Diamonds are an amazing investment and business opportunity and we want to share these opportunities with our customers.

We also offer training seminars for those interested in more in depth education on the diamond investment market and opportunities.  Call us for more information on a seminar near you.

One on One Consultations

Asteria Diamonds employs investment experts around the globe who can consult with you as to how diamonds can enhance your investment portfolio. They are happy to offer whatever help or advice you may need. We offer a number of different options for consultations:

• Meet with one of our experts in person at any one of our international locations. For a list of our offices click here.

• Request a phone consultation. One of our experts will contact you within 24 hours of your request and speak to you for as long as you need.

• Skype meetings are also available. Just send in a request and one of our representatives will set up a Skype meeting with you within 24 hours.

Diamonds as an investment: Post Sale Services


Liquidating an investment diamond is the most difficult part of diamond investment. That’s why Asteria Diamonds is here to help. When it comes time to liquidate any diamond purchased from Asteria Diamonds we will do everything in our power to make sure you get the best price possible as soon as possible.  We will publicize your stone on our sites and feeds and have our salesmen work on it as thought it were one of our own. We can also use our vast network of partners and associates to get the word out about your stone. We can, and will, help you reach markets an individual investor does not have access to. Our commitment to you is that we will not leave you on your own until your stone has been sold and your investment has been actualized.


Upgrade Program

We understand that preferences and tastes change from time to time. Maybe you were torn between two beautiful stones to begin with. Or maybe the time has come to divest one investment and move on to another. Asteria Diamonds has come up with a solution to these problems with our lifetime upgrade policy for all stones purchased from Asteria Diamonds.

How does it work? Should you decide that it is time to upgrade your current Asteria Diamonds stone, you can trade it in for any stone of greater value. Provided that your diamond is in the same condition it was purchased in, with original certificate and laser inscription, we will credit you the price of the first stone towards your new one. The amount of credit will be based on our current price for comparable diamonds (as the original diamond).

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