Our Diamonds Investment Services

Although lucrative, diamonds are a complex investment, and require extensive understanding to make informed investment choices. With over fifty years of expertise in the diamond industry, we at Asteria provide dedicated services to support you throughout the investment process – from making an initial purchase to selling your color diamonds on the global marketplace.



We want our clients to be fully informed before they make any investment. That’s why we built our online education centre. It’s also the reason we have a team of investment experts spread across the globe, ready to provide you with one-on-one consultation services and diamond investment training, in person or over the phone. We also offer in-depth education on the diamond investment market and opportunities at our diamond investment seminars.

Once you have made your purchase, Asteria will make sure your diamonds remain a strong investment. With a network of buyers and sellers spread across the world, we ensure that you get the best price for your diamonds. Our personalized services include publicizing the sale, dedicating sales resources and enabling access to our extensive network of partners and associates, and will ensure to support you until your investment has been liquidated – as quickly as possible, and at the best prices.

We also offer an upgrade program, which will allow you to trade your old diamonds for more valuable new ones.

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